Amherst County schools create new effort to improve security

Parents picking up children will have to be buzzed in before entering building

AMHERST, Va. – Next month, Amherst County parents coming to pick up their children from school will have to be buzzed in.

School leaders said they are in the process of creating a security vestibule in seven schools.

In all county schools, the classroom doors will also change.

The $100,000 security project includes changing the triple window pane doors to single pane glass doors.

“We have the safety and security of your child at heart here. It might be a little inconvenience sometimes when you think you have to go to the office and check in. But really, it’s for the safety, security of your child. We want all of our children to be (and) feel safe,” said William Wells, assistant superintendent.

School leaders hope to have all security changes done by January.