Black Dog Salvage filming collection of items at historic Cascades Inn in Bath County

The Cascades Inn in Healing Springs is being torn down

Preserving small pieces of history in Bath County, the Cascades Inn in Healing Springs is beyond the end of its life and is being torn down.
But not before Robert Kulp and Mike Whiteside of Black Dog Salvage claim some small parts of it for restoration. 
"Everything we build has a story. And this story will live on," said Whiteside. 

Room by room, the team sets aside furniture and different left-behind items perfect for resale. 

"We found great kitchen equipment and old tables that date back 100 years. Even that spa tub in the basement of this place," said Kulp. 

Even in a railing that looks old and damaged, the team sees a gem in the making.  

"I got a couple different projects in Roanoke that we'll probably reuse this material for just what is was. But the rest of it, we'll break down and use in the shop and build furniture out it," said Kulp. 

The inn served a number of purposes over the years but has sat empty for the last 25 years. 

"It had a large dining facility at one time. It was used as a Confederate hospital during the Civil War and then most recently, prior to 1994, it was used as hotel for golfers and families who wanted to play the cascades," said Lynn Swann, director of marketing, communications at The Omni Homestead. 

The Homestead Resort wants to keep some of the history before all this is gone for good. Lionberger Construction Company is taking care of the demolition. 
"So you want to make the best of that situation by calling in people like Mike and Robert," said Swann. 

Mike and Robert will show some of their visit at the Cascades on season 11 of Salvage Dawgs on DIY Network later this year. 


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