Montgomery County authorities warn of jury duty scam

Suspect asks for $2,000 in Game Stop gift cards


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Va. – If you receive a strange call from someone claiming to be a deputy from the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office demanding thousands of dollars in Game Stop gift cards because you missed jury duty -- it's a scam. 

Authorities have issued a warning after someone reached out to the Sheriff's Office. 

The person told deputies that they received a call from a number that showed up as the Sheriff's Office on caller ID. The person on the other end said they had a federal bench warrant because the victim didn't show up for jury duty. 

The impersonator then reportedly asked for $2,000 in Game Stop gift cards and threatened the victim through voicemails and text messages. 

That's when the victim went to the Sheriff's Office and let an actual deputy talk to the suspect. 

"No law enforcement agency operates this way," the office said in its post. "If you receive these types of calls, do not fall victim and purchase the cards or give them any type of personal information."

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