What to know about adopting during Clear the Shelters


ROANOKE, Va. – This Saturday, the Roanoke SPCA will be participating in the nationwide Clear the Shelters event. 

If you're planning on adopting a furry friend during the adoption event this weekend, here are some tips on how to prepare: 

Arrive early

Adoption hours are from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Make sure that when you show up, you have a government-issued ID. If your current address isn't listed on your ID, make sure to bring a piece of mail that has your current address. 

Cat or dog? 

A lot of people are expected to show up, so to help streamline the process there will be two waiting lists -- one for those who want to visit cats, and one for those who want to visit dogs. 

Officials ask that you sign up on the waiting list before browsing the adoption center. 

Safe travels

Each cat or kitten must go home with an appropriate carrier. The same goes for every dog -- they must have the correct walking equipment like a collar, leash or even a harness. 

There is a small selection of collars and leashes at the adoption center, but there is not a variety of colors and choices. All proceeds from the gift shop go to supporting homeless animals. 

Involve the family

Have kids? Great! Bring them along so they can get acquainted with your new furry friend and vice versa. Shelter officials also encourage you to bring your resident dog to meet the dog you want to adopt to make sure it's the right fit.  

Click here to learn about which shelters are participating in the event.

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