New River Valley restaurant adding CBD oil-infused items to the menu

Bull and Bones will feature the items at new Christiansburg location

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – One New River Valley restaurant is offering up some unique menu options with its newest location. Bull and Bones will cut the ribbon Tuesday at its new location next to the New River Valley Mall and CBD oil-infused items are on the menu.

The restaurant's owner, Jon Coburn, wants people to be able to try something new while enjoying some of their normal favorites. They're encouraging adventure, and people such as Philip Sturgill are jumping right in.

"I wanted to try it because I've never tried this before," Sturgill said before taking a sip of his CBD oil-infused bourbon.

The CBD oil can be added to any drink from the bar, or to select food items that have been carefully crafted by kitchen staff. General Manager Robbie Hockett said he was skeptical at first, but has since become a believer in the product.

"Everybody that's tried it so far has enjoyed it and it's nothing but positive responses," Hockett said.

CBD oil remains a controversial subject in some circles, but those who support it say it makes them feel better. It's been sold over the counter in places like smoke shops and online for a while now, but this is one of the first ways it has gone mainstream in the area.

"The owner is a big believer in it; he's actually in a unique position as a restaurant owner and a hemp farm owner," Hockett said.

The CBD oil used at Bull and Bones comes from that hemp farm in Floyd. CBD is most known for being an ingredient in marijuana and gets confused with the substance THC, responsible for the high people receive from consuming marijuana. The federal government says CBD oil is still illegal in food, but Gov. Ralph Northam gave it the green light at the state level as a food additive.

"The most recent research said that 20% of people are taking CBD oil so it's a huge, growing market and people are starting to come around on it," Hockett said.

While CBD oil popularity is exploding in big cities, Bull and Bones is one of the few places it can be purchased in our area. But it soon may be just as popular as a side of fries, and Sturgill likes the idea of that.

"I think it's very progressive that Bull and Bones is doing this," Sturgill said. "And they're right around the corner from me so that's nice."