Local disaster relief organizations ready to send help after Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian is predicted to make its way to the states, Puerto Rico

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Ron Steele worked in corporate America for 30 years. 

A year ago, he committed his free time to volunteer with the Southern Baptist Convention of Virginia. 

Every week, he and several volunteers make sure all the equipment they use during disaster relief calls is working. 

This equipment check is a lot more important as Hurricane Dorian is storming close to Puerto Rico and could make it's way to the states. 

"They just got hit two years ago. And here we go again. You just wonder how much can these people take," Steele said.

That's why representatives with SBC of VA and Gleaning for the World say if called, "Whether it strikes in Florida, or all the way up the coast we have teams that are prepared to go," Mark Gauthie, director for disaster relief for SBC of Virginia.

"We're in our warehouse. We're trying to see what products what we have already, what products we will need in our collection and just to see the best way that we can help as soon as possible," Teresa Davis, communications director for GFTW, said.

At the moment there's no telling what kind of damage Hurricane Dorian will leave behind. But for those who are dedicated to helping victims get back on their feet, Steele said, "It's a horrible situation to go through, but hey, you have people to help you. Keep that in mind, there's people here to help you."

Organizers with SBC of VA are encouraging people to prepare for hurricane season right now. Go to the ready.gov to make sure your family is ready. 

Gleaning for the World is always taking donation before natural disasters click here.