Man uses Donald Duck voice to scare off telemarketer

ROANOKE, Va – We all hate telemarketers and have our own ways of dealing with them, but one man found a unique way.

A telemarketer called Gayle Sizemore insisting on talking to her husband. The phone was on speaker, so he knew it was a telemarketer.

Sizemore says he hates those calls, so he started talking like Donald Duck.

She says he learned to talk like that when he was 5-or 6-years-old and their grandchildren love it.

"Years ago at Valentine's party he sang to me in Donald Duck. At our 50th wedding anniversary party he sang 'I love you truly'" Sizemore said. "He used to talk Donald Duck whenever he was around a child. But some years ago we were walking through a restaurant past a table that had a small child sitting with the family. He stopped and talked Donald Duck to the child and it scared the child and she cried! So he doesn't do it much in public much anymore."

Sizemore posted the video on her Facebook page and it's been seen more than one million times.


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