Rival communities rally around 14-year-old diagnosed with cancer

Narrows, Giles football teams raising money for JV cheerleader with bone cancer

NARROWS, Va. – A 14-year-old girl's devastating diagnosis is bringing two rival communities together.

Alexius Dawson is a freshman and a JV cheerleader at Narrows High School.

Last week, she found out she has osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer.

Her school and community are raising money to help her out. Over the weekend, the town raised $2,700 at a bake sale. This Friday night, during Narrows High School's football game against Giles High School, both teams will set out helmets to collect donations.

Alexius' mother, Nikki Horton, said the support has been overwhelming.

"You can't describe it. I mean, it's amazing. Giles County has got to be the best place to live. I have never seen so much support. I knew I would have some, but I didn't know we would have this much," she said.

To help out Alexius and her family, contact Narrows High School by calling 540-726-2384.


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