Climate change protesters take to downtown Roanoke, make case to stop pipelines

Hundreds gathered Monday morning as part of Global Climate Strike Week

ROANOKE, Va. – Hundreds of protesters came together Monday morning to continue their fight against the pipeline.

The Climate Emergency: Tri State Pipeline Strike Rally was a part of Global Climate Strike Week that took center stage in the Star City Monday with a focus on the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines.

"I’m a native of Roanoke, was born and raised here, so what's happening to the area around here in Southwest Virginia and Roanoke’s water is of great personal heartache and concern to me," said Kay Ferguson with Artivism Virginia.

The rally was a different style from previous protests, taking place in the shadow of pipeline investor Wells Fargo and the most colorful call to action yet. Activists used artwork to send a clear message on a complicated issue.

The cause brought together politicians, more than 40 organizations and activists from all across the commonwealth, West Virginia and North Carolina.

"If Virginia is serious about protecting our planet, we've got to stop with these kind of projects," said Del. Sam Rasoul.

"The pipeline is about 150 feet from where I live so if it blows up, I’m deceased," said Joe Polland, who traveled from North Carolina.

Each protester had their own story, but the same message: stop the pipeline.

"That's something that affects every single person on this earth who breathes air and drinks water," Ferguson said.

"This project does not need to go forward," Polland said.

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