Valley Metro rolls out new app to help riders plan routes

ROANOKE, Va.-Valley Metro has a new way to help riders plan their routes around the Roanoke Valley. 

The bus service is launching its new Valley Metro Go app called VMGO. The app provides real-time transit passenger information to help you locate your bus routes, arrival and departure times. 

Right now, the service is for those using the Smart Way, Smart Way Express and Star Line Trolley.  

"I think it gives you real-time information to plan your trip. If you are downtown and you want to get a cup a coffee and you want to wait for the trolley, you can look right at the app and determine how much time you have between activities and plan for the arrivals of buses. You know exactly when it's coming. You can set up favorites on the app to let you know when the next bus arrives," said Ron Parker, the assistant general manager at Valley Metro.  

The free app can be used with androids and iPhones, a personal computer and by calling a dedicated landline phone number. A digital LED display of transit bus stop information is also installed at higher-volume bus stops.

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