Liberty University unveils new School of Business building

The project cost $33 million to construct

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Liberty University's latest milestone in its $1 billion expansion is now complete.

The new School of Business, which cost $33 million to construct, had its grand opening ceremony Wednesday morning. Liberty University leaders, including President Jerry Falwell Jr. and School of Business Dean Dave Brat, helped cut the ribbon on the building.

The 78,000 square foot expansion features an auditorium, a cybersecurity center and a stock trading simulation room.

Falwell says this expansion is among Liberty's most important projects and is a monument to the university's mission.

"It's like the pyramids of Egypt, a little bit," Falwell said. "I'm so proud this building is front and center on the highway because that's what built this school: entrepreneurism and a willingness to take huge risks."

Brat says the new addition will boost the university's goal of developing business leaders with a Christian conscience.

"Since the beginning, they have gone together, and it's worked great," Brat said. "The problem is the fabric has fallen apart a little and we've got to put it back together. At Liberty, we're doing that."