Franklin County Humane Society works to trap, neuter large colony of cats

Donations of traps, money needed

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Va. – The Franklin County Humane Society is asking for your help with a large colony of cats.

The humane society spent several hours Thursday night and Friday morning trapping 17 cats.

That's about half the colony.

The cats are being neutered and released.

Humane society volunteer Laura Salser donations of traps are needed as well as donations of money to help cover the cost of the neutering.

"We have a program called TNR, which is trap, neuter, return. That just helps the colony stabilize with the number of kittens in the colony reproducing and it just makes the whole environment there for that colony of cats better," Salser said.

The shelter plans to trap and neuter the rest of the cats in the colony as well.