Hundreds of gifted students in Bedford County teach others about science

Students kindergarten to fifth grade came from various schools

BEDFORD, Va. – A gifted field day themed around science.

Two hundred gifted children from various Bedford County Public Schools spent the day showing off their intellectual skills at the Sedalia Center.

On Friday, the students from kindergarten to fifth grade classes created their own science experiments. Students taught their peers about a branch of science, a science concept and a contributing scientist.

They then demonstrated their project other students to try out.

Organizers say the annual event allows parents to meet and share resources, and gives gifted students a chance to meet one another, too.

"Gifted students are qualitatively different from other students and so whenever we can that emotional and social support for them, we think that's really important," Anne Barrow, gifted resource teacher with BCPS, said.

In the spring, these same students will hold a market day event at the University of Lynchburg.