Danville police to conduct active school shooter drill

Drill to be held at Galileo Magnet High School on Friday

DANVILLE, Va. – You may notice a lot of police activity at Galileo Magnet High School in Danville later this week, but don't worry, it's just a drill.

Danville police will conduct active shooter training at the school Friday.

A news conference was held Monday to announce the plan.

School is out Friday, so the drill will not interfere with class time.

Teachers and staff have volunteered to role-play during the drill.

"In the past, as law enforcement, we would do our active shooter training. We would respond to the active shooter and then we're done," Danville Police Department Capt. Keith Thompson said. "But then you have all the people that are injured. That's what this drill is really about: how police, fire and EMS get together and team up to go inside this building, while it's still not a totally safe building, to get these people out."

Danville Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Stan Jones said this is something that is "long overdue."

"We have crisis planning that we prepare for every year, but this gives us a chance to actually implement our responses in a real situation," Jones said.

Roads will be closed off around the school during the drill. For road closure information, click here.

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