Roanoke's Chicken Church distributes high-end socks to those in need

"They are excited to get these socks"

Worship and prayer is at the core of this local church in southeast Roanoke, but they're also handing out socks to provide warmth and comfort.

"They are excited to get these socks," said Billie English, United Christian Inner-City Ministry. 

But they're not just any kind of socks. They're called Bombas. High-end socks that the company says are made from some of the best materials in the world. The company donated a large quantity of them to United Christian Inner-City Ministry better known as the Chicken Church. The church gives them out for free. 

"People that come into the ministry, needy people, underprivileged people. People that are disabled or low income. Veterans, homeless people," said English. 

There are at least 50 more boxes filled with socks but the Chicken Church has already handed out a 1,000 pair of these to people in the community. 

Amanda Statzer says the mission to help serve the Roanoke community especially those in southeast Roanoke.

"It might seem so simple to a lot of people but to some people it means a whole lot. You know the next time you go to put your socks on just be thankful you have those socks to put on," said Statzer. 

The message of Bee Better is placed inside each sock. Billy English says this fits the motto of the Chicken Church.

"We have dedicated our lives to the ministry so that people can be better. That's what we do," said Statzer. 

Bombas says on its website, socks are the most requested clothing items in homeless shelters. For every pair of socks purchased they donate a pair to the community. To contact the Chicken Church click here. https://www.facebook.com/ChickenChurch/

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