David Harbour Tackles "Saturday Night Live"

"Stranger Things" co-star David Harbour has something in common with "Saturday Night Live."

They both came into the world in 1975.

Harbour says, as a kid, he talked with his mom about the dream of hosting SNL one day.  This week, he's living the dream.

"It's a wacky experience to do this show," he say. "I didn't realize how wacky it was. The creativity and just the fast pace is insane. "

High on Harbour's SNL wishlist is sharing sketch with Kate McKinnon.

"Those scenes that I watch, where she's like messing with some actor in a scene that I've watched for years.  I'll be that guy," he laughs.

Camila Cabello is this week's musical guest.

It starts at 11:30 right after 10 News at 11.