Virginia Tech hosts first black homecoming week

BLACKSBURG, Va.- – It's homecoming week at Virginia Tech and there's a new celebration on campus for the African American experience. Students and faculty came together to create Sankofa, Virginia Tech's first black homecoming week.

Organizers say the inaugural event is designed to help students feel included while celebrating events this week. Many of those involved took a group picture Wednesday afternoon labeled "Woke Wednesday." The opportunity lets students use their clothes to express their identities. 

"The students wanted to have event tailored to them and their liking and to feel like they can be heard, to be in community with one another during the Virginia Tech's homecoming celebration. Without a doubt, students love attending this institution. They also want to know they have a place at this institution," said Hailey Mangrum, assistant director of fraternity and sorority life.

Other events during the week include BSA Homecoming concert featuring Megan the Stallion on Thursday, Pajama Gym Jam on Friday and Tailgating on Saturday. 

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Irisha Jones

Irisha joined the WSLS news team in January 2017 after spending four years as a reporter in Georgia.

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