Artists paint Lynchburg storm drains to encourage environmental awareness

Six storm drains on Fifth Street have new paint jobs

LYNCHBURG, Va. – If you're driving or walking down Fifth Street in Lynchburg, you might notice some new, eye-catching artwork where the water runoff flows.

Lynchburg Water Resources' "Art Storm" contest commissioned six storm drain murals on the street, which artists painted Saturday. The art aims to encourage people to think harder about their impact on the environment, because the water runoff from Fifth Street flows directly into the James River.

"Don't throw trash down the drain," said Zaynah Hilderbrand, who painted one of the six new murals. "We need to help our planet as much as we can. Life is hard, so it's not on the forefront of people's minds all the time, but this will have an effect, I believe."

The newly painted drains are located between Church and Jackson Streets.