Petal it Forward: Hundreds participate in random acts of kindness

George's Flowers teams up with Berglund Center

ROANOKE, Va. – Dozens of people just walking around downtown Roanoke on Wednesday got a sweet-smelling surprise.

George's Flowers teamed up with the Berglund Center to pass out 2,000 flowers to unsuspecting people.

They each got two bouquets—one to keep and one to give away.

The random acts of kindness effort is happening nationwide to help people spread more smiles and less stress.

"I just had someone from the city telling me how there were only two people in her department today and how it had been a really rough day. So I know that when she goes back there, she's going to be giving a bouquet to someone and that's going to make that day better for them," said George Clements, owner and founder of George's Flowers.

This is the fifth year for Petal it Forward but the first time it's happened in Southwest Virginia.

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