Vinton, Roanoke County partnering to make Vinyard Station a reality

VINTON, Va.- – The old Vinton Motors building has been empty for 10 years. The plan is to redevelop the site into a multitenant facility known as Vinyard Station. 

The rumor around town was that Awful Arthur's would be put in the location. Town officials say that's not true but there will be a restaurant to occupy part of the space.

"It is a local ownership group that is going to open up roughly a 5,000 square-foot operation. So it will be a sit-down restaurant, a pretty wide variety menu and have an exterior patio. It's going to be very attractive and a nice complement to the existing restaurants we have in town," said Richard Peters, director of economic development and assistant town manager. 

Roanoke County on Tuesday agreed to give financial support to the redevelopment and several other parcels of real estate around the intersection. 

"The county has cooperated with the town for reimbursement of taxes of $40,000 per year of net new tax revenues generated off the development," said Jill Loope, Roanoke County economic director. 

Loope says this will be a great benefit to everyone involved. 

"Highly visible location, 22,000 vehicles per day at that location. Very important to the town central business district and to the county," said Loope. 

"This is just another continuation of the partnership we developed with the county and worked with them on developing two former schools, the old library where Macado's is located," said Peters. 

There's no opening date set, but the town is hopeful construction will start in the next several months.

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