Lynchburg city school leaders host local legislators, hope for policy changes next year

School leaders will follow up with city leaders in January

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Days after electing a new delegate, Lynchburg city school leaders are hoping to see policy changes come out of Richmond next year.

New and reelected Lynchburg delegates: Wendell Walker, Kathy Bryon and Senator Mark Pete met with school board members and city leaders over breakfast at E.C. Glass High School on Friday.

LCS officials tell 10 News they want to be a high achieving school board and need legislators support with policy changes.

School leaders say they need help with employment salary, recruiting and retaining teachers, and funding.

“We just need them to see how successful we’re being, but that the challenges we’re facing, our students, our teachers are facing are getting bigger, and we need help getting that done,” Susan Morrison, school board chair, said.

School leaders say they will follow up with city leaders in January and meet again with legislators in Richmond.