Drive-thru disagreement turns into fist-fight at Virginia McDonald’s

HENRICO, Va. – A McDonald’s employee in Virginia was attacked on the job -- from the drive-thru window.

Police say the attackers were upset about the bill.

On Nov. 9, a man and a woman approached the drive-thru window and within seconds, started wailing on the employee in the window. It was all caught on camera.

“That is crazy, that is really crazy,” said Wallace Washington, a McDonald`s customer. “I guess that’s the world we live in now.”

“Oh my goodness that’s crazy, what’s going on?,” said Regina Martin, another McDonald`s customer. "To be coming on somebody’s job like that? That’s crazy.”

As seen in the security footage from a different angle, the couple even pulls the employee by her jacket and hair, landing punch after punch, all because of a disagreement with the bill.

“How do they not know they’re on camera? That’s ridiculous,” said Washington.

Henrico police released the surveillance video in hopes of catching the suspects, who they say got away in dark grey early 2000s Toyota Camry.

“I hope they catch them, that’s bad that’s terrible,” said Martin.

The employee was not seriously hurt, and police are still looking for the attackers.