North Carolina church turns heads with political message

"Trying to impeach Jesus too! Won't happen either!"

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. – One North Carolina church is getting attention for appearing to take a political stance on the impeachment hearings.

Resurrection Baptist Church in Kannapolis put up a sign that says: “Trying to impeach Jesus too! Won’t happen either!”

The church’s pastor says he sees the impeachment inquiry on President Trump as a sign society has become godless.

The IRS forbids churches from taking political stances if they want to be exempt from paying taxes.

Resurrection Baptist has filed for that status -- but Pastor Tim Jones insists his church does pay taxes.

He says it’s his first amendment right to express his belief that God put Trump in the White House -- and his fear Christians will become a minority in the U.S.

“If somebody asked me if I thought that God ordained him to be in office, and I do believe that with all my heart, and I think that our voice has been taken away and I think its time to stand up, and, so, if it takes my sign to draw some awareness towards him, that’s fine," said Jones.

Resurrection Baptist has a history of controversial political messages.

It put up a sign in 2016 that said; “We are voting, and not for Hillary.”

Another sign asked for prayers for Brett Kavanaugh when he was going through confirmation hearings to become a supreme court justice last year.