World War II vet celebrates victory over COVID-19

KANSAS CITY – For 99-year-old Max Deweese, fighting off COVID-19 was just another battle won.

Deweese said he doesn't know how he contracted COVID-19, but when he started having symptoms he went to St. Luke’s South Hospital in Lee’s Summit, Kansas.

Later, Deweese was admitted to Ignite Medical Resorts in Kansas City, Kansas on April 15.

After getting the green light, the World War II veteran was released from Ignite Thursday with a big celebration full of applause and cheers.

A mix of medical professionals, law enforcement, firefighters and members of the community were there to see him walk out of the facility. Deweese also received a couple medals, saying he beat coronavirus along with a plaque.

Fighting off this virus was not easy for Deweese.

"99-years-old and didn’t succumb to the virus. Oh, I was sick — there was no question about that,” Deweese said. “I’ve gone through hell more than once and this came almost as close.”