Nashville band records touching message, song for Roanoke social workers

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – An Americana band out of Nashville whose name happens to be “Roanoke” sent a special message and song to those within Roanoke County’s social services department.

“We wanted to sing something light something to put a smile on somebody’s face and the lyrics, you know, until the dark becomes the light,” said Taylor Dupuis, singer.

Their song was meant to lift the spirits of those who have been working harder than ever before to help those in abusive situations or foster care, and also those needing food stamps or Medicaid -- things that don’t stop when the rest of the country shuts down.

“It’s rare that we get good recognition in the public eye so this means a lot,” said Benjamin Jones, family services supervisor for Roanoke County Department of Social Services.

Jones was the one who originally requested a message from the band. He says he and his team were truly touched.

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