AAA gives tips for back to school driving

With staggered schedules due to coronavirus, you can expect to see buses at unusual times

ROANOKE, Va. – Even if you don’t have a child in school right now, as a driver it’s time to get into back to school mode.

AAA says drivers usually go without seeing school buses for just three months, but this year for many it’s been six months.

With staggered schedules, you can expect to see them at unexpected times.

Remember to stop and give them as much space as possible when you see their flashing lights.

Since there aren’t as many kids using the bus, prepare to see more people walking and biking to school.

“So we’re urging drivers to be on the lookout, lookout for school buses lookout for more cars maybe lined up around schools than what you normally see in the past,” said Morgan Dean with AAA Mid-Atlantic. “It is the expect the unexpected year and there’s a lot of questions about what’s really going to happen this year.”

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