Virginia wildlife center asking for donations to feed 19 rescued black bear cubs

Center has rescued 19 cubs this year

The Wildlife Center of Virginia has rescued 19 black bear cubs this year and now needs help to make sure they survive.

Combined, they eat about 200 pounds of food a day to prepare for the winter; however, the supply of nearly expired produce from grocery stores cannot keep up with demand.

“They eat so much as they’re growing, but particularly this time of year in the fall they’re fattening up for the winter, for the lean months when there’s not as much food availability in the wild,” said Alex Wehrung, the center’s outreach coordinator.

The Waynesboro-area nonprofit is asking for acorns, black walnuts, hickories and chestnuts, as well as fruits, vegetables and eggs.

Instead of a food item, you give financially to help feed these bear cubs.

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