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Adjusting your budget amid the pandemic

Online tools and simple steps can help you save if you're forced to cut back.
Online tools and simple steps can help you save if you're forced to cut back.

When social media strategist Courtney Canfield was laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she was forced to take a hard look at her spending.

“I was just spending haphazardly,” she says. Canfield turned to an online tool called “You Need A Budget.”

“It gave me the opportunity to really go in and like have a really detailed look at my expenses,” she says.  “You Need a Budget” CEO Jesse Mecham says the company’s goal is to help people be accountable for what they spend.

“We’re not telling people to stop wasting their money,” he explains.  “We’re really telling them telling them to be more intentional about what they want their money to do.”

Knowing she needed to stretch her savings until she lands that perfect job, Canfield eliminated reoccurring charges and subscription services she didn’t need or even use.

“One thing that it really taught me is that every dollar really does have a job. It’s not just like dollars exist, so that was a kind of like a wake up call for me as well,” she says.

Removing “go-to apps” that allow easy purchasing from her phone’s homescreen has proven to be a money saver as well.

Discipline and working against the desire for instant gratification are getting Canfield closer to her financial goals.

Other tips for savings: Clear out your saved credit card numbers online. Typing in your credit card number each time will give you pause. Also, search your local internet and cable provider for their online rate card.  There are prices and packages they don’t advertise.