See which parts of Virginia are now in Phase 2 of COVID vaccination

All of Virginia moves to Phase 2 on April 18, but some areas are already there

UCF prepares to vaccinate 6,000 students

Some areas across Virginia are making the COVID-19 vaccine available for anyone who is 16 and older.

The state’s health director wants to make it very clear you still can’t just walk up and get the shot.

“It does not mean open pods people won’t be showing up for walk-in pods but it does mean that they will be able to openly schedule into appointments, regardless of any eligibility criteria,” Dr. Danny Avula said.

Gov. Ralph Northam expects all of Virginia to enter Phase 2 by April 18.

Below is a list of local health districts that are in Phase 2:

  • New River
    • During the transition period, the district is initially targeting college students, then will open fully to Phase 2 starting after April 12.
  • Central Virginia
  • Pittsylvania-Danville
  • West Piedmont
  • Southside
  • Alleghany
  • Mount Rogers

Below is a full map of Virginia’s health districts and counties and which phase they are currently in: