‘Fundamental failure’: Virginia lawmakers grow impatient ahead of fall report on unemployment claims

Class-action lawsuit filed against VEC due to 'failures in unemployment insurance system'

RICHMOND, Va. – Legislators don’t want to wait until fall for a report on the Virginia Employment Commission’s progress in processing unemployment claims.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission will study problems the employment commission has encountered during the pandemic.

It faced an increase in claims because of pandemic job losses and additional federal assistance in response. At a legislative commission meeting Monday, Sen. Jeremy McPike, a Prince William County Democrat, called it a “fundamental failure” when people need action and aren’t getting it.

Delegate Ken Plum, the commission’s chairman, assured McPike and other members that staff will update them before study findings are scheduled to be presented on Nov. 15.

This comes after a lawsuit against the VEC was filed over delays in processing unemployment claims.