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‘It’s really nothing to be ashamed of’: Photo of adorably ‘embarrassed’ raccoon goes viral

The raccoon broke into a home—possibly looking for food—and couldn’t find his way out

Photo of adorably 'embarrassed' raccoon goes viral.
Photo of adorably 'embarrassed' raccoon goes viral. (City of Dalton Fire Department)

One little critter got himself into an awkward situation that has gone viral on the internet.

On Wednesday, the City of Dalton Fire Department in Georgia shared an adorable photo of what appears to be an embarrassed raccoon. The department said the little guy had made his way inside of a home in Dalton, Georgia—probably looking for a late-night snack—and couldn’t find his way out.

You never know what the day is going to hold when you show up for your shift as a firefighter. Sure, there may be the...

Posted by City of Dalton Fire Department on Wednesday, July 14, 2021

“As you can tell, he was pretty embarrassed about it, but it’s really nothing to be ashamed of. We all need a helping hand every now and then,” the post read.

Crews were able to help the raccoon and release it back into the wild, but first, they snapped a photo. The raccoon can be seen with his paws covering his eyes as a firefighter holds it.

The post has gotten more than a thousand interactions from people who couldn’t help but find humor in the situation.

And it looks like the fire department had its laugh of the night, too.

“We were able to take him to safely release him back into the wild where he’ll hopefully be less adventurous in his search for snacks from now on,” the post said.

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