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Lawsuit claims cattle, chicken, and pork DNA were detected in Subway tuna products

Subway's tuna sandwich (Subway)

A lawsuit that began in January accusing Subway of deceiving the public about its tuna products revealed new information.

Lab testing of Subway tuna products shows that they contain detectable chicken, pork, and cattle DNA even though Subway advertises the products as“100% tuna.”

Plaintiffs Karen Dhanowa and Nilima Amin filed a third version of their prosed lawsuit against Subway this week.

Subway responded by saying it will seek to dismiss the lawsuit and that their tuna is “high-quality, wild-caught 100% tuna,” and is strictly regulated.

The third version of the lawsuit relies on the testing, by a marine biologist, of 20 tuna samples, which were taken from 20 different Subway restaurants in southern California.

Results of the testing showed that 19 samples had “no detectable tuna DNA sequences,” while all 20 contained detectable chicken DNA, 11 contained pork DNA and 7 contained cattle DNA.

One of the plaintiffs, Nilima Amin, said she ordered tuna products from Subway more than 100 times between 2013 and 2019, saying she always checked the menu to make sure she was eating “only tuna.”

The complaint said the testing showed that Subway mislabeled its tuna products, and “duped” consumers into paying premium prices.

The lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages for fraud and violations of California consumer protection laws.

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Kamryn Buza joined 10 News as an intern in September 2021.