Texas toddler accidentally orders 31 cheeseburgers using mom’s phone

The order came out to a little over $91, including a $16 tip from the little guy

Texas toddler goes viral for accidentally placing huge burger order on mom's phone | HOUSTON LIFE | KPRC 2

An adorable two-year-old in Texas is charming hundreds across the Internet after ordering dozens of Mcdonald’s cheeseburgers with his mom’s phone, KPRC reports.

The young boy, Barrett Golden, had been playing with his mom’s phone, flipping the phone over in the air as he tried to see his reflection on the screen.

His mom, Kelsey, was on the computer and hadn’t realized he’d gotten his hands on her phone. Not realizing what he was doing, he wound up ordering enough food to feed an army.

When the DoorDash order of 31 cheeseburgers showed up at Kelsey’s doorstep, she couldn’t believe it. The order came out to a little over $91, including a $16 tip from the little guy.

His mom couldn’t help but laugh at what her son had done and shared the humorous incident on Facebook for others to see.

I have 31 free cheeseburgers from McDonald’s if anyone is interested. Apparently my 2 yr old knows how to order doordash.

Posted by Kelsey Burkhalter Golden on Monday, May 16, 2022

Barret ended up only eating half of one cheeseburger so his mom offered up the remaining cheeseburgers to several people in the neighborhood for free.

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