TSA prepares for more travelers ahead of holiday season

Travel volumes could reach pre-pandemic levels, TSA officials say

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The Transportation Security Administration is preparing for a busy holiday travel season.

Thanksgiving travel kicks it off, running from Friday, Nov. 18 through Sunday, Nov. 27.

“We expect to be busier this year than last year at this time, and probably very close to pre-pandemic levels,” said TSA Administrator David Pekoske. “We are prepared to handle the projected increase in travel volumes next week. However, going forward, making the TSA pay levels equal to other federal agencies is critical to our ability in 2023 to recruit, train, equip and retain a highly skilled and professional workforce on the frontlines of transportation security. It is up to Congress to act on the President’s budget request without delay, enabling TSA to address the current pay gap, which is up to 30% compared with other federal employees.”

TSA officials say there has been an increase in travel this year and have noticed higher volumes leading up to holiday weekends.

The three busiest days for Thanksgiving are usually the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and the Sunday after, TSA officials say. TSA says it could screen up to 2.5 million passengers nationwide on Wednesday, Nov. 23, and may surpass that number on the following Sunday.

TSA is offering some tips to travelers ahead of arriving at the airport, including:

  • Pack smart
  • Do not bring firearms/other weapons to the checkpoint
  • Bring an acceptable ID
  • Be a Trusted Traveler
  • Request passenger support

To find more of TSA’s tips for travel, visit the TSA website.

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