Study provides new picture of possible casino in Danville

Danville one of three cities General Assembly could allow to have casino

DANVILLE, Va. – A new study is helping Danville prepare for a potential casino.

It details possible locations for a casino, different types of casinos and their economic impacts.

It does not, however, address the issue of gambling addiction.

City leaders just wanted to look at the impact of a casino at four locations.

The General Assembly is expected to decide in the next session if Danville, Bristol, and Portsmouth can hold referendums so the cities’ residents can decide if they want a casino in their city or not.

“In other parts of the country when this kind of thing happens, the community gets to Have a voice in the kind of development that occurs. If we have some expertise helping guide us through that process then we’ll make the best selection possible," Danville City Manager Ken Larking said.

If the referendums are allowed, they would be on the ballot next fall.

To see the study for yourself, click here.