Lynchburg collecting, recycling grease after Thanksgiving

You can drop off grease containers at Lynchburg-area Kroger locations Thursday through Sunday

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Lynchburg’s annual “Grease Friday Take Back” has some changes this year.

For the first time, Lynchburg Water Resources is extending the event through Sunday.

The city collects and recycles grease to prevent people from pouring it down the drain.

You can pick up an approved container at the Lynchburg Water Resources office on Tuesday or at the Downtown Community Market on Wednesday.

Drop-off boxes will be located at the Lynchburg Kroger locations on Boonsboro, Timberlake and Wards roads from Thursday to Sunday.

“We recycle it into a biofuel with one of our partners, which is a local environmental engineering firm around here, and they recycle it into a biofuel which then goes into cars, trucks, and buses that can run on bio diesel fuel,” said Lilly Meighan, education and outreach coordinator.

If you can’t pick up a container this week, city leaders say you can use your own, as long as you make sure it’s sealed when you drop it off.