Gun advocates react to Lynchburg voting against becoming a Second Amendment sanctuary

Council members voted 5 to 2 to not become a Second Amendment sanctuary

LYNCHBURG, Va. – After hours of debate, Lynchburg is now one of the few localities to not be a Second Amendment sanctuary city.

In a public hearing Tuesday night that went into Wednesday morning, more than 120 people had time to talk to city council members about the issue.

The meeting lasted until nearly 2 a.m., leaving a few happy and the majority not.

Council members voted 5 to 2 to not become a Second Amendment sanctuary.

The group that fought for the resolution said they weren’t surprised, but now have their eyes fixed on Richmond and the upcoming May elections.

“They have awoken a monster and it is fully awake. And we are going to get the seats on council back and we’re going for the governor’s mansion. This is not going to happen again,” said Curt Diemer, an organizer of Lynchburg’s Second Amendment sanctuary group.

10 News reached out to some council members for comment about the meeting.

Diemer and others have made comments that they will vote out council members like Mary Jane Dolan, who is up for reelection in May.

Dolan responded to 10 News saying:

“There were a number of speakers last night that made comments that implied that if I did not vote favorably I would not be re-elected, I do not believe that it would have been prudent of me to vote in favor to protect my reelection, I would rather protect my integrity. I continue to believe that this is a state and national conversation over which council has no jurisdiction or legal authority.”