Golf lovers take a swing at new virtual golf course in Lynchburg

Fore Everyone Golf Center on Waterlick Road opened in December

LYNCHBURG, Va. – Avid golfers in the Lynchburg-area now have a new place to freshen up their skills out of season.

The owner of Fore Everyone Golf Center says the virtual golf-course is the first of its kind for Lynchburg.

The new center located on Waterlick Road allows beginners and experts to practice their swings at any golf course in the states like Hawaii.

The owner says they have accurate launch monitors to help golfers get better at their game.

“Side spin, face to path relationship, percent angle. All that information, every time we make a swing, will tell the story as why the golf ball went a certain direction. And if a golfer knows that information, he or she can predict his or her shot and improve his or her skills on the course,” David Euqank, owner, said.

Right now, Euqank says they have three bays and plans to expand.

He also wants to create a junior league to help get more kids involved in the sport.