Grandin Theatre raises close to $200,000 to replace all seats

Each of the more than 500 seats cost $360

ROANOKE, Va. – A major milestone for an historic local landmark, as the Grandin Theatre has raised enough money for all new seats.

The more than 60-year-old seats were refurbished back in 2001, but never replaced.

Since a fundraising campaign launched in July, hundreds of people have pitched in to raise close to $200,000 to get new seats.

The new seats are already installed in three smaller theaters. Now they have enough money for the main theater too.

In all, they're replacing more than 500 seats that cost $360 each.

"Every time the Grandin has needed the community to step forward, it always does and it always does in a bigger way than you would expect it to or plan for it to do," said Ian Fortier, executive director for the Grandin Theatre Foundation.

The new seats will be installed in the main theater towards the end of February.

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