Virginia election directors prepare to keep Super Tuesday voting safe, secure

Virginia prepares for Super Tuesday, focuses on keeping votes safe
Virginia prepares for Super Tuesday, focuses on keeping votes safe

ROANOKE, Va. – Super Tuesday is only a couple of days away, and election boards across Virginia are ready for the rush of voters.

“I’d like to say we have it down to a science,” said Andrew Cochran, who is the city of Roanoke’s Registrar and Director of Elections. “It’s a big responsibility. We have a lot of moving parts and pieces on Election Day.”

A major focus for Cochran and other registrars across the Commonwealth is making sure ballots are safe, secure and protected from fraud. Virginia has taken some measures to protect the ballot box, including having all Virginians vote with paper ballots.

“Paper is not hackable, so that’s a secure form,” Cochran said. “All of the networks used to report results to the state are also very secure."

Also, the voting machines are out of sight until Election Day.

“They are in mobile security cages. They are locked and not accessible to the public,” Cochran said. "All of our equipment will be delivered to polling locations on Monday, then on Tuesday, it’s showtime.”

In addition to election boards monitoring the voting systems themselves, Facebook has a security team dedicated to shutting down trolls and sites attempting to influence the election from abroad.

“We know that there are bad guys out there that are going to target our elections and try to undermine confidence in them in any way they can," said Facebook Head of Security Nathaniel Gleicher. “It’s really critical for us and our colleagues in social media to work and make sure the public debates on our platforms are authentic.”