Alleghany County’s M3 Militia distributes meals to most at risk

The COVID-19 outbreak is bringing others out to take care of those staying home.

COVINGTON, Va. – COVID-19 is invisible to our eyes, but the effects it’s having on our community couldn’t be clearer. This week, the Alleghany Highlands is getting some extra attention from a group of dedicated people as people stay inside.

The kitchen in Cucci’s Pizzeria is rocking with orders piled high. Victor Cucci owns the highlands staple, but this isn’t his typical dinner rush.

“I’ve been here for 43 years, if that’s the least I can do for the community, you think about it," Cucci said.

In the face of the COVID-19 stay home order, more than 200 people are getting hand-delivered meals. M3 Militia formed in response to the second amendment controversy, but group president Corey Clark said community service rises above.

“This is really an eye-opener as far as people that really need stuff, we’re hoping to at least change one life, hopefully for the good," Clark said.

Criss-crossing Alleghany County, the group called upon the Salvation Army, local food joints and Sheriff Kevin Hall to help. None of them missed a beat.

“This is an unseen problem, invisible, and we’re really working hard to change how we have to operate but still help people out here," Hall said.

In this area, the population skews a little older and people like their space. A concerning combination at times like this, but Pearl Miller felt the love as her dinner was dropped off Wednesday.

“This is the third or fourth time that you’ve been by and I wasn’t expecting it. And I am so thankful, I’m 81 years old, and life is great with people like you in the world," Miller said.

Cucci’s and others have been cooking up a storm for about a week now. Their bottom lines are hurting at a time like this, but they’ve found a way to donate all the food for free.

“I don’t want to say no number, money don’t mean anything, not in this time," Cucci said.

The Salvation Army is getting ready to give more aid in the coming days, leading the switch from daily meals to a more sustainable canned food program.