Danville veterinarian offering free pet boarding for people impacted by coronavirus

Pets can stay at pet hotel at vet office

DANVILLE, Va. – A local veterinarian is trying to make pet owners’ lives a little easier as the coronavirus spreads across the state.

Danville Family Vet’s pet hotel will house pets for free for anyone impacted by the virus.

The hotel has about 60 rooms and many were available on Thursday.

Each pet will recieve food and water and will be taken out three times a day to go to the bathroom.

Dr. Jeff Smith said he came up with the idea after seeing a news story about pets being taken from peoples’ homes in Italy because their owners were sick and couldn’t care for them.

“If you are a first responder or a healthcare worker and you have to do long shifts at the hospital, or you’re someone who’s gotten sick, (your pets) can come stay here," Smith said.

If your pet takes any medication, you’ll need to bring that.

You can also bring things like toys and beds for your pet if you think that will make them more comfortable.