‘She’s the hero’: Martinsville City Council member delivering masks made by local business owner

Business owner unable to deliver them

MARTINSVILLE, Va. – A Martinsville City Council member is trying to make sure people in his city who need masks to help protect themselves from the coronavirus have them.

Danny Turner delivered masks Thursday.

He volunteered to sell and deliver them for the Martinsville business owner who made them because she doesn’t have time.

When Turner saw police officers out on a community walk Thursday morning, he stopped and gave them some masks.

He said he is honored to be able to help the business owner.

“I put it on Facebook and it kind of exploded. I’ve been delivering masks all morning long," Turner said. "She’s the hero here. She was making masks before she even knew she had a market for them.”

The police department plans to handout the masks during the next community walk to people in need.