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Tim Tebow surprises boy with FaceTime call after cancer treatments

Boy’s mom receives support from her hometown of Buena Vista

Tim Tebow surprises local boy fighting cancer
Tim Tebow surprises local boy fighting cancer

Two local communities are rallying around a mom and her son as the boy fights for his life.

Dawn Coleman graduated from Parry McCluer High School and Liberty University.

People connected to both schools are following her son's battle with cancer.

Grayson Coleman thought he was going to talk with someone from the Tim Tebow Foundation. He was surprised with Tebow himself FaceTimed him. (Dawn Coleman)

They were all surprised recently when the little boy received an unexpected phone call.

While we’re all adjusting to a new normal this spring, for 8-year-old Grayson Coleman, his whole world changed last fall.

“We were in the middle of baseball season and he started complaining about some pain in his lower right leg,” said Dawn.

After some testing, doctors discovered he had bone cancer.

“People talk about cancer and chemo and how it makes you physically sick, but it’s the other stuff too, the mental and emotional,” Dawn said.

Dawn said they’ve received so much love and support from all over the world including her hometown, Buena Vista, and her alma mater, Liberty University.

However, there is one surprise message that came at just the right time.

“We're praying for you. We love you and it's awesome to see you smiling right now buddy,” said Tim Tebow in a message to Grayson.

“His whole demeanor changed,” Dawn said.

Dawn thought it would merely be a Tim Tebow Foundation employee on the FaceTime call, but Grayson was overjoyed when Tebow himself popped up.

“I was so happy. It cracked the biggest smile I think I've ever had in my life,” Grayson said.

“It was a week Grayson really needed some uplifting, so it's just amazing timing,” Dawn said.

Dawn said despite all the hard times they’ve been through in the last six months the overwhelming support has made her son more appreciative.

“I was really worried at the beginning, I said I don't want this to change him. I don't want this to change my sweet boy and it has, but I think it's changed him for the better,” said Dawn.

“Thank you everybody. It really means a lot,” Grayson said.

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