Wytheville 9-year-old asking for bacon during stay-at-home order

Nine-year-old Julie Patton loves bacon

WYTHEVILLE, Va. – During this stay-at-home order, one Wytheville girl is saying ‘Bring me the bacon!’

Nine-year-old Julie Patton loves bacon.

In fact, her mom, Corie, says Julie would eat it for every meal if she could.

When Julie heard about a woman going viral for making a sign asking for beer, she thought two could play that game.

“My grandma, she told me about the lady with the beer and the sign, and I thought I would try it with bacon, since I love bacon,” Julie said.

“It didn't surprise me at all because she's always coming up with crazy ideas and anything to do with bacon. She asks for bacon as presents for birthday and Christmas and somebody always gets it for her,” Corie said.

Her mom said two years ago Julie asked for a bacon-themed birthday party because she loves it that much.

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