WestRock temporarily laying off nearly 70 workers in Covington

Layoffs will last at least 30 days

COVINGTON, Va. – Later this month, dozens of WestRock employees will be out of a job.

WestRock confirmed to 10 News that it will temporarily layoff 67 employees at its Covington mill because of the coronavirus’ impact on the paper industry.

Because of a decrease in demand, the company is taking down one machine at its Covington mill.

The layoffs are expected to last at least 30 days.

Below is the full statement from WestRock:

As a company, we match our production with our customer demand. In response to the current economic environment and the impact of COVID-19 on demand, WestRock is temporarily taking down one machine in our Covington mill. This will result in a temporary layoff of 67 employees in our Covington mill. We expect the layoff to begin later this month and last a minimum of 30 days, depending on market conditions.

John Pensec, WestRock