‘I hope my students smile’: Radford teacher doing whatever it takes to motivate students

He’s kissed the unthinkable and tasted the unbearable

RADFORD, Va. – Finding motivation can be hard for students attempting to do schoolwork from the comfort of home, but unique incentives from one Radford teacher has his students begging for more assignments.

He’s kissed the unthinkable, tasted the unbearable and mastered some unbelievable dance moves.

“We’ve got a thing here at Dalton Int. School, and it is, simply, whatever it takes, and so that is exactly what he is doing,” said Jerry King, Principal of Dalton Intermediate School.

Richard Fisher from Dalton Intermediate School is doing "whatever it takes" to get his students to complete their weekly assignments.

“It’s motivating me to get the assignments done because the videos are really funny,” said Abbey Napolitano, one of Fisher’s students.

It seems to be working. Last week, he challenged them to complete a critical thinking assignment and they did, so on Monday he had to eat a bug. He ate the cricket that he bought, killed and roasted during his 10 News interview.

The incentives may be complex, but his reason for them, is simple.

“I really hope that my students, beyond doing the assignments, I hope my students smile. This is a scary time; if they have a chance to smile and enjoy just a few minutes of their teacher making a fool of himself, then that’s totally worth it,” said Fisher.

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