Some local greenways may be open but people aren’t swarming them yet

ROANOKE, Va. – On Friday, some of the local greenways got the green light for those eager to return to their scenic routes.

With the exception of the Roanoke River Greenway in Roanoke City, which is scheduled to reopen on May 19, all greenways in Roanoke City, Salem, Roanoke County and Vinton are now open.

There wasn’t much activity along the Lick Run portion on Friday afternoon.

10 News caught up with the Bamforth family who were out doing some weightlifting and making use of the trail’s exercise equipment. They said they’re happy to finally get out of the house.

“They’ve been sitting in the house for what? A couple of months now,” said Nicholas Bamforth. “All they doing is eating so they’re not really burning too much fat, just gaining, so figured it’s time to go on and get em outside. It’s hot outside let’s go and do it.”

Bamforth said when they all get home he’s going to give the kids a bath to keep them clean after using public equipment just as a precaution.

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