Christiansburg couple struggling with infertility has baby

We have an exciting update to a story that broke our hearts

ROANOKE, Va. – We have an exciting update to a story that broke our hearts.

We introduced you to Katie and David Hundley last year, during our in-depth look at infertility. 10 News followed the couple as they were trying to have a second child.

She had three miscarriages and then when she went through hormone treatments, those didn’t work.

“It’s really disappointing and at the same time, we can’t control all these factors. We probably do need to take this time for some rest and give my body a chance to recover from all that. I believe in my heart that we are still going to have a baby it’s just not right now. We’ll see what that means down the road,” said Katie right after her appointment when she found out the treatment didn’t work.

But we have some good news to pass along. They took a small break, had more fertility treatments in July and those worked! Little Daphne was born in March and they are now a family of four!

A big congrats to them.

“We took a small break at the time of the story and through early Summer due to the need to get high blood pressure managed. We decided to move forward with our first (and only) IUI and had that on July 12th. (Before then it was timed cycles with injections) We tested after the two-week wait and had our positive. 💕 We used progesterone to help support this pregnancy, and had frequent appointments to monitor early. Thankfully it was always our Daphne. I don’t know that we would have been able to emotionally keep moving forward with treatments (and risks of losses) so we’re all the more thankful this was it! The best of part of the pregnancy and Daphne being here has been sharing the excitement with Will,” said Katie in a message.

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