‘It was really scary’: Henry County family caught at home during weekend flash flooding

About three inches of rain fell in about five hours

BASSETT, Va. – “It was really scary," said Tabitha Bowman when describing what she witnessed Sunday night when the hillside behind her home gave way.

“I kept hearing pecking on the window, so I ran into the living room and about that time it went black, the windows did," Bowman said.

The trees and the mud stopped just short of the house.

At the advice of her husband, she and their child went up to the attic.

“We waited it out up there and rescue came and picked us up," she said.

“The front door was about to cave in, so I was standing there about 45 minutes as hard as I could hold the front door," said Tabitha’s husband, Chad.

Chad said that’s the only reason the house didn’t fill up with water like his mother’s house next door.

Inside his mother’s house, mud and water was seemingly everywhere.